The power of the purse needle is moving in the female direction both in private and Corporate life. Women benefit more than men when it comes to Safe and Guaranteed Annuity purchasing. It’s simply a better deal than anything else she can buy.

Married and Single women need to think hard before keeping 100% of their money in a lump sum category. Why? Because you can’t lose it all. You don’t have to be an investment genius or super disciplined when you go the with the annuity option. No matter how you go about it, managing money to provide income for 20 years or more requires expertise, commitment, and risk taking.

To maintain money in a brokerage account, you can expect money managers to come calling, eager to manage your money and their interest in your future is propelled by an average fee of 1.5% – 4% annually of the amount they manage. Safe and Guaranteed annuities deliver a level of efficiency that can’t be duplicated by Mutual Funds, Certificates of Deposit, or any number of homegrown solutions. The challenges facing Social Security and the decline of Corporate Pensions all add up to a perfect storm for Female Retirees who might outlive their nest egg.

The annuity option offers better performing protection than when you hire someone to manage it for you in a Brokerage Account. Wrestling over converting a lump sum to a structured payout from an investment account, then figuring out how to invest it so you have a “floor” of guaranteed income is just wasting a lot of energy. There are enormous consumer benefits with Safe and Guaranteed Annuities and the arguments are compelling in favor of adding these products to a Single or Married Female Retirement Portfolio.