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Daniel Barnard & Associates is a Financial Service Practice that protects wealth and blocks Wall Street setbacks. My strength is that I am Main Street, not Wall Street or Capitol Hill.

My goal is to give you Financial Tools and Advice to remain independent, retire comfortably, and pass Financial Security to the next in line.

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Our services range from annuity recommendations to withdrawal strategies to distribution planning. We can help with investing without fear of market loss. We will help you determine which type of annuity is best for your unique needs.


Women and Retirement

Our fluid society can create various challenges for women planning retirement. Decisions about annuities, mutual funds and Certificates of Deposit must be made. Daniel Barnard can create a plan to attain your financial needs and goals.


Cutting Him Loose

Your new mental discipline is taking money out of Harm’s way, but your Broker objects. Don’t wing it by debating the previous advisor! Click here for concrete ways to maintain the right mindset for a stress-free makeover of your money.


My practice contributes to the financial health of individuals and families from Maine to Florida, and out West to Nevada. All this comes with the highest rating possible with the BBB. Internationally, I have a reach as far South as Costa Rica.

I also have a special outside interest to empower Nationwide tourists to thread our history by handling PR work for the upcoming Presidential Experience Park.  This project will be interwoven with a much larger world class transit community, Washington DC South.

The Financial Advocacy I provide is backed up by all the professional training, support, recognition, and informational resources needed to reach everyday Americans.