Dan Barnard is a licensed, Independent Financial Advisor located in the Williamsburg/Peninsula region of Virginia, and in practice since 1988, covering the State of Virginia and servicing clients Nationwide. Dan routinely informs people how to avoid stock market risk, maintain financial security, and safely leverage financial assets. Please be advised that Securities such as Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Variable Annuities are never sold in Dan’s office.

Guaranteed and safe annuities can help with lifestyle issues with respect to retirement accounts and the ability to safely “run the clock out.” Annuities also help with the following issues: not having enough money to live during retirement, concern about a market meltdown, not having enough income, reducing Social Security Taxes, Medicare and Medicaid pre-planning to avoid a “spenddown” because of Skilled Nursing Care, or simply avoiding Probate.

We are happy to provide annuity illustrations to show interest rates, withdrawal options, and income.


Dan also has interests outside of financial planning. He is a huge fan of Baroque and Classical Pipe organ music, often playing the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Pipe Organ. Dan is also a world history buff in general, with his energies currently devoted to the Washington D.C. South project, a “smart cities” transit orientated community that promises to become the Silicone Valley of the East.

The Presidential Experience

Dan is a prime player in the creation of The Presidential Experience, a new historical park in Virginia. He is the Public Relations Contact and Administrator for this immense endeavor, and oversees the operation of the website The Presidential Experience, and the Facebook page, which has been instrumental in attracting investments, Celebrity recognition, and managing development.

This attraction uses the recovered presidential statues from Presidents Park in Williamsburg, VA, which received national news attention, as a starting point, and it will add exhibits, actors playing past Presidents, historical attractions and cultural and special event venues.

Dan is very excited about this project, and has labored for several years to successfully bring it to fruition.

Pipe Organ

Dan has played and recorded music on the Historic Colonial Williamsburg Pipe Organ and the chapel at the Wren Building. Hear a few of Dan’s many organ recordings below.

“Morning Has Broken – Version A”

Video Thumbnail
Morning Has Broken (Variations Version A)


Video Thumbnail
Menuet (BWV 113) Organ

“Remembering Billy Butterfield”

Video Thumbnail
Billy Butterfield (Trombone/Trumpet)

“Southern Gospel”

Video Thumbnail
(Harmonica Gospel)

Off The Clock

Financial advisors don’t wear suits 24/7. Here are a few photos of Dan having fun with family and friends.